How You Can Contribute to this Philadelphia Tradition

While the New Year’s Day Parade is our biggest performance, we continuously seek to honor the tradition in which we were founded upon of being a service to the greater public. Using our love and passion of music, we teach and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds. We have made it our mission to enrich the community in which we call home. As the band has been, and continues to be, such a prominent member of the community, we have found a great need to expand our resources and funding. Since we are non-profit, we have found that we cannot fulfill these commitments without the loyalty of our community and their pledge in financially supporting our ambitions. We receive no federal, state, or city funding, and most expenses come out of members’ pockets. With increasing costs of costumes and instruments, expenses continue to grow while revenue declines. Our continued existence relies much on our invaluable donors who envision the continuation of music and entertainment in Philadelphia communities.

In short, we are asking for your pledge to support the Greater Kensington String Band by making a charitable donation. GKSB is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization and your tax deductible donation will allow us to march through the streets of Center City Philadelphia on New Year’s Day. More importantly, it will allow us to continue to serve and teach music to all those in our community.

Great traditions such as mummery attract world-wide attention, but we cannot make this happen without your help. We rely heavily on the support from businesses and individuals like you. We appreciate any and all help that you can provide so that we may continue serving the Philadelphia community in a positive way.

On behalf of the entire organization and the Philadelphia community, thank you for your time and generous donation.